Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Thankful - Day 1

The Backstory 
Just be thankful this isn't a video!
Every evening I literally run around my house while my newborn twins cluster feed for the exact 4 hours that my husband attends grad school classes all while my 3 year old son requires dinner, playtime, a bath, and bed.  It becomes so easy to rattle off the long list of things that I wish I had; a nanny, a live-in masseuse, and of course, time to shower more than once every 3 days (I'm pretty sure that's on my husband's list as well- the poor guy has to sleep with me).  

Then November arrived... 

Don't get me wrong.  Tonight was another crazy night in our house.  While I raced off to use the facilities in the 30 seconds of calm that typically follows my son's meal hitting the table, the door to the bathroom swung open.  He missed me.  Although cute, I quickly remembered a time when I could at least pee in peace.  Hand-in-hand, we headed back to the kitchen to find his turkey burger missing.  

"Goose (as I call him), did you eat your dinner that quickly?"
Kiley is not a first time offender.
"Nope!" he said with a smile.  

"Kiley (the dog) must have eaten it!"  I said.  

"Look! She left a piece fow me!" Goose exclaimed as he pointed to the tiny piece of turkey left. 

It was on to plan b: pumpkin bread and PB&J.  In summary, it was another adventure-filled night in our house.

30 Days of Thankful
I attempted to turn-in early tonight and communicated all of my wishes via Google Talk to my husband, as I often do now.  However, upon climbing into bed, I again remembered... it's November.  So, here I am, starting my 30 Days of Thankful instead of sleeping.  Why?  Well, at risk of sounding ubber cliche, it's easy to get caught up in my list of things I want (see above) without reflecting on that which I already have.  
The only preggo pic I have with the girls due to their early arrival.

More importantly, this year has been especially trying and rewarding for our family, with the birth of our twin daughters, who we were again told we could not have, coming 13 weeks early.  Although we were so excited to welcome them into the world, it took three long months of NICU care before we could welcome them into our home.

Little Eleanor right after birth weighing just 2lbs 4oz.

Day 1
SO... to kick off 30 Days of Thankful, I am dedicating today to my husband and partner in crime, who has been my rock throughout this year.  Yes, you did have something to do with it (actually a lot), but your willingness to support me through the pregnancy, NICU months, and sleepless nights has been remarkable.  Most of all, I am so very thankful for every time you just held me when I needed to cry... well, and that day I made you go to McDonald's in the middle of the night.  Here's to many, many more years of love (without making any more kids)!      

Flash back to 2007! Wow, we look so rested!!!

Thinking about jumping on the 30 Days of Thankful train? Do it!  Something to think about...

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