Sunday, March 17, 2013

19 Mile Fun Run

Yesterday, the DFMC team had one of our last group long-runs.  We departed from Wellesley and spent the majority of our 18-20 miles on the course, which meant that we ran up and down all 4 Newton Hills including Heartbreak.  

The luck of the Irish was not necessarily with us, as many of my teammates are now experiencing injuries.  March Madness takes on an entirely different meaning in the world of Boston Marathon training - it is somewhat expected that injuries will pop-up during the month of March, when the mileage for most runners climbs over 40 miles/week (not me of course, due to my shotty training schedule).  During our run, we took a break to massage Jamie's IT band and continued to monitor Eileen's Plantar fasciitis.  Fortunately, the most I had to complain about was a rock in my shoe, some hemorrhoids (apparently it happens to endurance athletes quite frequently), and the smallest indication that my IT Bands need a little more love.

The usual crew of girls and I (although a couple key players were still missing), polished off 19 miles.  They weren't all pretty but we certainly did our best to have a good time despite the ridiculous headwind on the return trip and those crazy hills.  

Photos from the run...

Chillin with Heartbreak Hill Bill.
Can't get too much of Bill.

Getting some wisdom from Johnny Kelley.

Wrecking one of the hills.

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far, this year.  With less than 1 month to go until Marathon Monday, we still have a little ways to go.  100% of the donations go directly to fighting cancer through novel cancer research in cancer treatment and prevention!

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