Tuesday, November 6, 2012

30 Days of Thankful - Day 6

Day 6: For my right to vote

I know, I know- it's election day. So you can argue that today's post is cliche; HOWEVER, I'm sticking with the topic because it's paramount to remember that only a short time ago, people had a lot more to be upset about than having to temporarily block someone's posts on Facebook because their political rants were compromising his/her sanity (I might be speaking from experience). 

So here's the deal... Two of my great grandmothers came over from "The Old Country" via boat and passed through Ellis Island almost 100 years ago. In The Old Country, they were not only unable to vote, but they were persecuted (thus, the whole leaving their entire life behind and traveling to an unknown land). 

My great grandmother and my Grandpa Hi
My great grandmother and great grandfather. 

Today, as a Jewish woman, I live in a country that allows me to cast a vote. Yes, I will agree that our political system has room for improvement; But when you voted today, I bet no one was pointing a gun at you and demanding that you cast a vote for Gary Johnson (you knew other people besides Obama and Romney were running, right?). 

My amazing Grandma Goldee.

In summary, there's a good chance that half of you won't be overjoyed about the election results, but the mere fact that there is an election reminds me just how fortunate I truly am. 
My friend, a physician, apparently changed her signature in 10 years; go figure!

Moreover, I encourage everyone who's annoyed with the system, and some folks have good reason (see photo), let's do something about it. We can hit up change.org, make a video on YouTube, or establish a community on twitter; but let us not forget just how much we do have as we continue to work for improvement.



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