Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 Days of Thankful - Day 4

Day 4: For Music

While I was running today, I reflected on the very beginning of our twins' lives and how we weren't sure if they were going to be deaf; the possible "birth defect" list is not small for 27 weekers. To be honest, it wasn't a major concern at the time, as we were thrilled to have them alive. But there I was today, running along the Charles River, looking for my music to get me through the next interval.  It was at that point that I realized just how much I have depended on music throughout my life.

Music got me through breakups and bad hair cuts.  It created late nights with friends at the pub and helped me dance for 48 hours straight to fight pediatric cancer.  

For that matter, music helped me fight cancer(I cannot thank the Goo Goo Dolls enough).  Music is responsible for my year of black hair and plaid pants. The banjo was an instant favorite in our house and will bring my son running from across the house.

I vividly remember being a youngster and listening to my dad sing while playing guitar. "You'll Be in My Heart" was on the radio when I got together with some girls to mourn the loss of a high school friend. "Send Me On My Way" sends me back to high school, although my son thinks it's the song from the movie, Ice Age (now I know how my parents felt).  I can't hear "Somewhere Out There," without thinking of the chorus of children that sang it beautifully at a college funeral.  Neil Diamond will forever remind me of my mom and everyone at our wedding remembers when Donny surprised me and sang "To Find My Way To You" for our first dance.

Music defines every portion of my life; I am so grateful that my most treasured memories are just a song away. 


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