Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Days of Thankful - Day 19 through 25

On day one of '30 Days of Thankful' I hinted at one of the things I am most thankful for this year... or rather, two.  Our amazing new additions to the family, Eleanor and Adelaide, are without question two of the most important people in my life.  There is a post about them forthcoming but I felt that it was important to mention them now since, despite my unmeasurable love for them, they continue to find a way to use the majority of my day (and night); thus, the delayed posts.  Sorry!

Day 19: For amazing little kids who are my heroes

Just the other day Donny asked me who my heroes were.  I'm not one for heroes; however, I believe that you can learn a lot from other people. As we were having this conversation, I realized that the only real heroes I have are kids.  I understand that some may argue that kids are less jaded and that's why they're so optomistic and cheerful but that doesn't always hold true, especially in my job.  I see kids every single day that have cancer; some who have been enduring brutal treatments for years.  So many of these kiddos manage to have huge smiles on their face, despite this terrible situation they're in. They still time find to really, truly appreciate fresh air and to just be down-right silly.  So, to answer Donny's question, here are some of my heroes for which I am so grateful...




Day 20: For microbrews!
What can I say about microbrews; they're just better.  

Day 21: For dance parties in my kitchen!
I have yet to find a day bad enough that an impromptu dance party couldn't improve my mood. A few years back I was first introduced to Kris Carr's documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer (go watch it, if you haven't already).  In the film, Kris commits to one dance a day while she fights liver cancer. 

From then on, I've attempted to dance to one song a day, even if it is in the car (it makes sitting at red lights way more fun)Two years ago, Donny bought the whole "one dance a day thing" and decided on a "family dance song."  Every time we hear the Killers song, Human, everyone in our family has to dance - Kiley included. There's no arguing because it's mandatory. 

Don't believe that dancing can make you feel better?  Try it for a month!


Day 22: For passing down Thanksgiving traditions to my kiddos
This year is proving to be difficult to do a lot of things and Thanksgiving wasn't exactly traditional; our oven wasn't working so Thanksgiving dinner came from Legal Seafood, there was no running the Turkey trot, and we didn't go to visit my brother in NYC for the parade.  

With that being said, we had a great Thanksgiving and I was still able to share so many great traditions with Gussy.  We watched the parade and I realized that the parade, which I used to think was on early, started 4 hours after Gus woke up. We watched part of the dog show and cheered for the beagles. We read some Christmas books and talked about how we're decorating the Christmas tree.  

Day 23: For celebrating birthdays of people I love (and getting cake)!
Happy Birthday to my amazing husband! I am so pumped that this is the ninth year we've celebrated togetherOf course, it was a great excuse to have cake and letting Gus pick out the cake meant that we had a big one!
Throw back! Celebrating in 2006.

Day 24: For Etsy!
Simply put: Etsy flippin rocks! If you don't know about it, go now! Seriously. Buying from Etsy is a great way to support small businesses and artists around the country and world. They have everything from vintage watches to hand-made wooden iPhone docking stations to rat and dog tutus. 


I am most excited about Etsy right now (no, not because of the tutus), because of my new necklace!

Photo from A Charmed Impression Etsy Page.

If you're still looking for holiday gifts for anyone, go check it out asap!

Day 25: For comfy clothes
If you work with me, you know that pencil skirts are my go-to in the office; however, at home, it's all sweatpants and leggings with super soft tees and tanks. I have two favorite pairs of sweats that have been my home uniform for way too long. Unfortunately, I recently had to retire my Cornell sweatsA couple months back our good friend came over and asked if a sharked attacked me. Once I realized what he was talking about, it occurred to me that it might be time to say goodbye to them. In all fairness, I owned them since Cornell summer field hockey camp from (dare I say) 1998. Yikes! The other pair of sweats are still in great shape as I only bought them during my college years at Penn State (10 years old isn't bad!).     


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