Sunday, November 18, 2012

30 Days of Thankful - Day 16

Day 16: For the unfounded extremism Donny and I share for ridiculous things

I played hockey, Donny grew up skiing. I was doing cancer research while Donny was guiding groups of kids through the Maine wilderness. I love kale and Donny loves red meat. I love pop and punk and Donny's jams are all bluegrass. We have a lot of differences but we have one very important thing in common; our mutual weirdness in being very extreme when it comes to completely random things.

I realized just how thankful I am that I found someone who shares my crazy today because we had another "episode."  Today's focus of our irrational crazy: pantry moths.  In just a couple days they have become the bane of our existence.  In nutshell, they immigrate to your pantry from the grocery store (we believe our basmati rice was to blame) and they proceed to take over your pantry.  From everything we've read, successfully eradicating them earns you a Nobel Prize or something. Upon reading this and studying the life cycle, which Donny and I did independently of one another, we realized that we had to no choice but to throw out most of the pantry, clean every section, wipe down all remaining food stuffs, and putting all future dry goods in containers that cost as much as a small country. 

What's left of our pantry food.

Our life in Oxo containers...

Fortunately, I got to experience this craziness with the love of my love who hates "these f*ers" as much as me!

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