Saturday, November 17, 2012

30 Days of Thankful - Day 14

Day 14: For the satisfaction I get from cleaning

I've never been a neat freak and I expect I never will be (I'm pretty sure my mom is laughing out loud right now). My mom tried to get me to clean my room throughout my childhood but I regularly relied on the "stash everything in the closet and under the bed" method (not that it fooled her).  In college, there were times my room got so messy that I had to climb a mountain of clothes to get to my bed; it's amazing Donny married me after seeing my room. Despite my tendency to let entropy take over, I get an amazing amount of satisfaction from cleaning. It might be the feeling of accomplishment or just seeing the progress but I love it!

As you'd expect, Donny and I do not have much time for cleaning these days.  Thus, our kitchen floor has been neglected to a whole new level. While contemplating heading out on a run as I stood in the kitchen today, I looked down and immediately decided it need a good scrub.  Consequently, I replaced my run with 4 hours of scrubbing the kitchen floor. Not only does the floor look amazing but I think my back and arm muscles may start to look amazing too, if I keep this up!

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