Friday, January 27, 2012

A snowy long-run.

As I looked at the forecast on Friday evening, I started wondering if our weekly Saturday DFMC group long-run was going to take place.  The Weather Channel was announceing a winter storm warning and called for 3-5" of accumulation in the morning and early afternoon.  Since I lived almost my entire life in Buffalo and Northern Vermont, I regularly welcome snow and was not scared to drive or run in grizzly weather.  However, this was going to be the first real snowfall in Boston and I knew what that meant... everyone else was going to try to remember how to drive in the snow again and I wasn't sure I wanted to be around when people remembered that they should not brake while round turns.  Unfortunately, our group run was departing from a location that was a solid 30 minutes from our house.  Thus, I made an executive decision not to put myself on the roads during the worst part of the snowfall.  Instead, I decided to attempt a solo 12-14 mile run.

Heading Out
I geared up to head out and made sure I was fully equipped to weather the storm (and get my miles in).  The list included: a top and bottom baselayer, water resistant top layer, compression socks, my favorite fleece vest, new running shoes, camel back, Yaktrax, Gu, iPod, and phone.  The boys volunteered to join me on the last 3 miles so I planned a route that would allow for this.

Highlights from the Run
The paths along the river were full of snow so the Yaktrax were a huge plus.  The hose on my camel back almost froze up within the first mile so from then on I had to regularly take sips to prevent a complete freeze.  By the time I embarked across the Harvard Bridge (mile 4-5), my face and eyebrows started freezing a little.

The End
The last 3 miles were definitely the best.  Not only did I have an opportunity to run with Gus and Donny but the path was mostly cleared (thank you town of Cambridge).  Gus was somewhat unhappy that he had to sit in the jogging stroller and continued to insist that he get out and run with us.  Although the whining was a little annoying, I secretly was excited that I may have a little buddy to run with some day down the road.  After 12 miles were completed, I decided to call it quits.  Without a doubt, I worked much, MUCH harder for these 12 miles than I ever had in the past.  Gus and I thought it was appropriate to take "a muscles picture" before heading into the backyard to play.

Frozen eyelashes and eyebrows have never looked better.
Flexing and trying to smile despite having a frozen faces.

Play time!

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