Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lessons from Running in the Rain...

I felt like a total B.A. tonight, running home in the pouring rain pushing Gus.  However, this run taught me five important lessons.

1.) Sometimes, things that look like puddles are actually small, muddy lakes that suck jogging strollers in.  Do not try to just run through them.

2.) Keep an eye out for huge puddles on the side of the road because...
huge puddles on the side of the road  +  crazy Boston drivers = 

3.) Running in the rain at night with glasses on can be downright dangerous, especially when you have cataracts.  So, you should always be diligent about getting your contact prescription refilled BEFORE you run out.
More or less, what my run home looked like.
Not an actual picture through my glasses
as a result of my phone not working, see  #4.

4.) Bringing plastic bags to work on rainy days when a run home is planned in order to protect all valuables from the water is just a good idea!  By the way, don't bother calling me for the next day or so.  My cell phone is drying out.  :)

5.) Running home in the rain is still significantly better than rollerblading in the rain!  To the rollerblader who was somehow travelling more slowly than the pack of orchestra kids carrying basses on their backs, I hope you discover that sometimes the skates just have to come off- preferably before the snow comes.

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