Saturday, October 29, 2011

MTV Extreme Cribs and a Shout Out to Luna Parc

If you know me, you've probably heard me talk about Ricky Boscarino.  He performed the ceremony at my wedding and is one of the artists at the Stowe Foliage Arts Festival.  Also, you may remember Ricky's gorgeous mayfly jewelery auctioned off during last year's fundraiser (recall it had moving parts).  What makes Ricky even cooler?  His house!  Luna Parc, the official name of Ricky's 5 acres, is an ever evolving masterpiece that is located in rural New Jersey (yes, NJ has more to offer than the Jersey Shore).  Don't believe me?

 Luna Parc in 2008

Luna Parc in 1989

Luna Parc fun fact: the windmill (among other various Luna Parc structures) was erected with the help of Donny!  After raising the tower frame, a large crane dropped the 'blade contraption' on top of the frame where Ricky and Donny proceeded to bolt the pieces together. 

Although Luna Parc can only be truly appreciated in person, not unlike game-day at Penn State's Beaver Stadium, this short clip will at the very least give you an introduction to a place (and person) the Hall Family loves dearly.  As Ricky has been one of our biggest supporters through the years, I will also shamelessly plug his jewelery and pottery.  I have a gorgeous necklace (seen in this video) that I wear at least 3-4 times a week and without fail, ALWAYS get compliments.  Don't forget, the holidays are approaching...  Now, for The Video!  (start at 16:50).  

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