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It is exactly 3 months after Marathon Monday and what better way to remember that amazing day (and the months of prep that went into it), than to conclude the fundraising for this year.  I know, I said "this year."  That's because there is going to be a next year.  

At first, I embarked on this journey to celebrate life- 15 extra years of life, to be exact.  But then, as I trained along side women who were barely 35 and actively fighting cancer while taking care of toddlers, ran down the infamous stretch from Hopkinton to Boston continuously getting thanked for running for Dana-Farber, and as I have spent the last year reporting on the almost 500 people who received grueling bone marrow transplants because they did not have other options, I realized- the fight is not over and the running must continue!  

Most of us are not short on motivation to fight cancer and I am thrilled that we share this mutual passion.  I am also incredibly grateful that so many people chose to support my fundraising mission over the last 9 months.  Most importantly, I want you to know that you made a difference!  BUT, I know you've heard me say that many times so this time I'm going to demonstrate this point through a video.  

Dr. Jay Bradner is one of the amazing young scientist/physicians at Dana-Farber.  His research is ground-breaking and his attitude towards fighting cancer as a world-community (as opposed individual labs fighting for self-recognition) is incredibly promising.  He has positive energy that is down-right contagious and the best part is, he's wicked smart!  

Quick anecdote- One Thursday a couple months ago Dr. Bradner was scheduled to present some of his research.  Sure enough, he was there on time, Power Point and all; and by all, I mean sporting two hospital ID bands- one on each wrist.  We quickly learned that although his wife was still in the hospital with newborn twins (you could still report their age in hours), he wasn't going to let us down by backing out.  He proceeded to give a phenomenal presentation, sharing some of the material included in the video below.  Enjoy!

for making a difference!

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