Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let the (Running) Taper Begin!

Though it's hard to believe, it is time to taper the runs!  No, that doesn't mean two weeks of sitting around eating bon-bons - I'm still running and actually not eating any bon-bons.  I have switched over to a low fat diet to gear-up for race day.  As if it isn't hard enough ignoring the several boxes of girl scout cookies that taunt me every time I visit the pantry (damn you, thin mints!), I also have to pass on the red wine and microbrews.  I know what you're thinking, wouldn't that be great carbo-loading?  That's what I said too!  But apparently, the goal is to super hydrate these next two weeks and alcohol isn't necessarily known for doing that (exhibit A: your first hang-over).

This past week proved to be a little challenging in terms of getting runs in.  Between organizing this weekend's fundraising event (see below for more info) and getting filmed for the news (!), free time has been non-existant.  With that being said, I was able to squeeze in a good 15.5 mile run yesterday.  Since I had not run the end of the course yet, I decided to run from the house to the Prudential building (where the course ends). I then ran to Boston College and reversed the entire run.  As it was a gorgeous day, at least in the morning, and still two weeks before the marathon, there were a fair amount of fellow Boston Marathon runners out there.  This was the first time I ventured out on a long-run by myself, so I was not sure what to expect.  Even though I ran out of water, it turned out to be a great run and good learning experience - hydration is key!  On the run I bumped into an old friend from Buffalo and received a high-five from a very enthusiastic homeless gentleman.  Despite my loathing of the Red Sox, I'm really starting to enjoy Boston.  Provided everything goes as planned, this week's training includes a 3-4 mile, 5-7 mile, 7-8 mile, and 10-12 mile run.

While the running is tapering-off, the fundraising is doing the exact opposite!  Over the past two and half weeks, an astounding $3,030 has been donated by friends and family.  Thanks to 25+ generous cancer fighting parties, over $13,500 has been raised!  A HUGE THANK YOU to the Buckinghams, Nanci Haggerty, the Mudricks, Rabbi Mason, The Callans, Andy Forney, Kristie DeFalco, Nancy Korte, the Chambers, the Krumms, the Lonettos, Phyllis Maguire, Victoria Que, Michelle Lewis, Mich & Igor, the Ranzenhofers, the Aikens, Megan & J, Nicole Stockey, R&C, Dougan and of course, the amazing Patrons of the Chatterbox Drive-In!  I would just like to point out that to date, the patrons of the Chatterbox Drive-In have contributed over $2,700 to fight cancer!  Amazing!  

Although $1,500 still need to be raised to reach my $15,000 goal, we are not worried because we have a plan!  Starting on Monday or Tuesday, some amazing prizes can be won!  Similar to a chinese auction or 'tricky tray' as Donald calls it, we will have an opportunity drawing for each of the prizes.  The winner for each prize will be selected on April 9th, my official 15 year bone marrow transplant anniversary and cancer-free date.  That evening, Donald and I will be hosting a fundraising event at our house with food, drinks, and great music.  If you can't join us, I will be posting instructions on how you can get in on the prize winning.  We're talking vacations, hand-made jewelry, original artwork, and more!  More information to follow.

I can't wait to see this sign on
Marathon Monday.

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