Wednesday, March 16, 2011

$10,000 DOWN, $5,000 TO GO!

Over $10,400 have been donated as of this afternoon!  Thank you so much to everyone who boosted the fundraising total over that huge $10,000 hurdle.  Specifically, I would like to send an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to Mrs. Pancoe, who not only is an amazing elementary school teacher responsible for any academic success that I have had over the past 22 years, but who also made an incredibly generous donation.  I cannot express how inspirational it is to have your support, and in such a large way!  Also, I want to send a couple shout-outs to other cancer-fighters: my former dentist, Dr. Michael Moore, who I highly recommend to all of the Buffalonians out there, The Defelice Family in Northern VT, my cousins- Shannon and Patrick down in the Jerz, and to someone at Stowe Mountain Resort who went the extra mile (pun intended) to set-up a corporate matching gift. This also serves as a good reminder to anyone who has already donated or who plans on donating, many companies will match your donations and it only involves filling out a form.  If you need help with this, just let me know!

To continue the Boston Marathon Course analogy... 
We have passed the 18 mile mark and the Newton Fire Station!  Boston Marathon Fun Fact: The well-known red brick Newton Fire Station marks the sharp right that runners must take as they turn from Route 16 (Washington Street) onto Commonwealth Avenue.  Even more notable, is what follows the Newton Fire Station - the last 3 "Newton Hills."  Many locals set up picnics at the Newton Fire Station and encourage the runners as they continue climbing the hills.

It is incredibly fortuitous that the Boston Marathon Course analogy brought us past the 18 mile mark today, as this Saturday's long run is exactly 18 miles.  It may be coincidence as well, but this weekend's long run has the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge Team running from Wellesley, through Newton, and back again.  Although I will not be tackling the infamous "Heartbreak Hill", I will be getting some practice on the other "Newton Hills."  

With only 32 days to go, Marathon Monday is quickly approaching.  In fact, we are so close that the Boston Athletic Association (the organization that runs the Boston Marathon), released bib numbers today.  Bib numbers are typically assigned based on a runner's qualifying time, with the exception of "charity runners" such as yours truly.  Bib numbers are used to place runners into corrals.  Each corral has 1000 racers, so runners determine their start corral by looking at the "thousands" or "ten thousands" place of their bib number.  For example, my official Boston Marathon bib number is 22187.  That means I will be starting in corral 22, with 999 other runners.  Although it may sound like I am in the back because I will be starting behind at least 21,000 runners, there are still 5,000 runners that will be starting behind me.  Who knew there were so many people interested in running 26 miles!?!  

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