Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teaching a Toddler to Ski - Now that's my idea of cross-training!

This weekend, the entire Hall family took a trip to Stratton Mountain located in Southern Vermont.  As Marathon Monday is approaching, I knew that I could not let the weekend slip by without doing any training.  However, I was unable to find the motivation to run on icy roads while sleet was in the forecast.  My solution: teach Gus to ski.  Now I should clarify that when I say "teach Gus to ski," I actually only intended to let him get some fresh air while introducing him to the sport (i.e. "Look Gus, skiers!").  Apparently, Augustus had something completely different in mind.  We spent the entire time with him actually trying to ski down the bunny hill.  Luckily, he occasionally allowed me to have 30 second breaks on the Magic Carpet (a much better alternative to a T-bar for you old-timers).  Despite the crazy looks and inquiries about Gussy's age from our fellow mountain-goers, he truly loved skiing.  Bad news for the grandmothers and great-grandmothers, by the end, Augustus started getting upset if we weren't going fast enough.  Watch out Bode, here comes Gus!

Getting suited up!

The Magic Carpet - my new favorite invention.

Riding the back seat, hoping to pick up a little speed.

Again, again!

Next run, we're taking the Gondola!

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