Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marathon Training with Gus.

Since the weather outside is back to being frightful, I had no choice but to push my long run to the afternoon when I have the ability to run on a treadmill.  Thus, the morning was spent playing with Augustus.  Despite the fact that his legs are only a quarter of the size of mine, I sometimes have trouble keeping up with him and this morning was one of those times (this certainly doesn't bode well for Marathon Monday).

After spending half of an hour thoroughly tormenting Kiley (our loving but overly energetic dog), he decided to begin running laps around the kitchen island.  I can only assume Gus was attempting to assist in my training for the marathon and had heard something about the benefits of speed work-outs for distance runners.  With certainty, I can say that he did at least 40 laps of the island before requesting a banana.  Although doing sprints is part of my marathon training plan, running in circles for 30 minutes is not.  So, I grabbed the camera and took a couple pictures of the madness.