Monday, December 13, 2010

First OFFICIAL Day of Training!

Today was the first OFFICIAL day of training for the Boston Marathon!  As per my coach, Jack Fultz (winner of the 1976 Boston Marathon), I ran 3.5 miles at an easy pace.  

I was glad to get back out after waiting a week to let my skin biopsy on my nose heal.  The pathology report (results) came back today and everything looks great!  Being hypersensitive about skin growths is just another long-term side-effect that many cancer survivors have to deal with.  I received total body irradiation as part of the preparative regimen for my bone marrow transplant (it destroyed my bone marrow and blood cells), and although this ultimately led to my cancer-free status, it has now put me at a much higher risk for Basal Cell Carcinoma among another types of cancer (i.e. breast cancer, leukemia, etc).  This is yet another reason why it is just so darn important that we continue to work towards finding better cancer treatments that target the cancer cells.

Speaking of individuals who are making a difference in the fight against cancer, over the last couple of days, three very special people joined me in my mission to raise $15,000 for cancer research.  Patrick O'Grady, a truly amazing friend and person despite his affinity for the Red Sox, came through with a large donation late Saturday night.  Jessica Couture, another Boston fan <sigh>, also made a huge donation. Luckily, a Yankees fan stepped up to the plate (pun intended), and made another significant contribution.  You rock, Aunt Jill!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Pat, Jess, and Aunt Jill!!!

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